We    are    some    friends    who    find    us together    to    work    on    our    hobby,    the American      Model      Rail      Road,      to promote   and   show   it   at   exhibitions   to the public. We are neither an association nor a club   we    are    only    friends    with    the    same idea’s.        We    help    each    other    in    our group   and   will   help   all   people   outside our group too. Our   RR   companies   are:   BEN:    Santa   Fe, CLAUDE:       Santa       Fe       and       other, PATRICK:    Union   Pacific,   BEN,   Claude   &   PATRICK   for shows:          Milwaukee          Road,          , REIMUND:    Union   Pacific   &   Southern Pacific,      FRANZ      Southern      Pacific, Union Pacific and others. The   beginning   of   this   group   was   Ben and   Patrick,   who   started   in   2000   with the    AMRL.     Both,     we     made     two     switching     layouts, Waukegan   &   Kenosha   Terminal   and   Grain   &   Beer.   Now we    got    help    to    continue    for    future layouts    by    Claude.            Reimund    and Franz   are   our   volunteer   helper,   when personnel    is    needed    to    go    out    for shows.

American Model Railroaders Luxembourg

 amrl 2005 - 2017   11, rue du Cimetiere L-8278 HOLZEM
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Ben  Patrick  Claude Reimund Franz